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Risk Mitigation Services

Our suite of Risk Mitigation Services protects your portfolio, so you can make construction loans with confidence. NWCC's Risk Mitigation Services make it easy to track the development of your projects and catch and resolve problems early in the building process.

We offer three services which significantly reduce risk throughout the lending cycle. Click on each service for more information:

  1. Plan Reviews - Before ground is broken, we do a comprehensive review of the construction plans and budget. With our analysis, you know your cost breakdown is set up adequately to cover all items on your specification and plans, and that those funds are sufficient to build the project.
  2. Foundation Verification - Our Foundation Verification service answers a fundamental question: Is the builder constructing the approved foundation on the site? Whether the switch happens intentionally or not, the result can be financially damaging if you're not aware. With Foundation Verification, we visit the construction site and visually confirm that the correct plan for that lot is being constructed.
  3. Spec Chec - Making sure your properties are being built as specified requires vigilance. All too often builders deviate from the original construction plans. With our Spec Chec, or specification checklist, service, we go to the construction site at regular intervals to ensure that the property's design, floorplan and materials remain consistent with what you budgeted for.

We customize our Risk Management Services for each of our clients. Contact us today and we can create a plan to protect your portfolio.
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