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NorthWest Construction Control, Inc.

Celebrating Over 30 Years of Exceptional Service to Our Clients
For 30 years, NorthWest Construction Control, Inc. has helped lenders oversee and manage every phase of the construction lending process. We give you the assurance that your properties are being built as planned-on time and within budget. Whether your portfolio consists of residential or commercial loans, our team takes the headache out of construction lending with cost-effective, customized solutions for your needs.

In this economy, protecting your construction lending portfolio is more important than ever. Contact us and we'll show you how we can put our quarter century of experience to work for you.

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Risk Mitigation Services - Our suite of risk mitigation services protects your portfolio so you can make construction loans with confidence. From pre-approval through disbursement to completion, we work with you every step of the way to make sure your projects are planned rigorously, monitored carefully, and built correctly.

Inspections - Construction inspections are a key component of our services. Since 1986 we've been doing about 4,000 residential, commercial and land development inspections a month. With that kind of experience at your side, you can count on reports that are objective, accurate and completely reliable.

Fund Management - With NWCC, you won't even need a construction loan department-we can handle all the functions related to managing your loans, including appraisals for loans, draw request forms, post-draw inspections, and full cost-accounting.
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