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Plan Reviews

We believe strongly that all construction projects should have a budget and plan review before a loan is approved. Like the foundation of a home, our Plan Review service is the foundation of your construction loan.

While many lenders rely on underwriters to assess the value of projects, underwriters typically don't understand construction like we do. With 25 years of construction experience, we know the building industry inside-out-what to look for and what to watch out for.

In our Plan Reviews we do the following:

  • Determine on a square foot basis if the dollar amount of the loan is adequate to build the project.
  • Review plans, specs, and the geo tech survey to make sure that all expenses are represented in the cost breakdown.
  • Determine if line item dollar amounts are adequate.
  • Review the contract between you and the builder.
  • Report problems with any aspect of the plan and provide corrections.

Since we know you're busy, we've condensed the Plan Review into a single short form, without any clutter. You get the exactly the information you need-in 48 hours or less from the time of your order-to decide whether to proceed with the loan.

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