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Northwest Construction Control is a leader in online inspection services. Our online systems offer a wide range of tools to help make your loan inspection process smooth and efficient. We offer online access to hard copy inspection reports as well as our completely interactive online draw reports system. Our services are tailored for individual clients in order to better serve them.

The NWCC Online Inspection Report System Overview

The NWCC Online Inspection Report System gives loan processors a variety of easy tools to help track loan inspections:
  • Online storage and access for inspection reports
  • Online storage and access for inspection photos
  • Online storage and access for scanned inspection reports
  • Printing individual or batch inspections
  • Request additional inspections online
  • Online Confirmation Letters
  • Automatic e-mail notification for completed inspections
  • Automatic e-mail notification for inspection photos
  • Ability to mark inspection line items for special attention
  • Ability to make electronic notes on inspection reports for easy communication with NWCC staff
  • Password-protected secure server for inspection reports

Online Inspection Reports and Photos

Interactive Online Inspection Reports fall into two categories.

Online-only Inspection Reports
All inspection details are contained in a database for use by inspectors, NWCC Staff and authorized clients. Data in this system can be exported in a variety of file formats for integration with existing client software.

Scanned Document Inspection Reports
This system is offered to clients who wish to continue to use a paper system for inspection reports, but also want online access to their reports. The hardcopy version of the inspection result is scanned into a database system for online access and retrieval as PDF files.

With either inspection report system, our online photo system can be used!

Online Photo System
Our inspectors are equipped with the latest digital cameras and upload their images from the field at the end of each inspection day. These images are sorted for quality control and then posted to the client's system.

Working with NWCC Online

Once an account is set up with NWCC and initial loan inspection information is created, you will be given a login and password to access your custom client web site. The client home page will list the various options open to your account type and will have easy access to your personal account representative either via email phone or web form.

Form for clients to contact NWCC

Inspection Index

The backbone of the online system is the Inspection Index. This index is an easy to use listing of all the loans for your institution. The Inspection Index is a searchable list of your most recent inspections. The Inspection Index shows up to 150 loans that match your search criteria or the 150 most recent inspections.

Index of inspections and reports
The index of loans can be searched by
  • Loan Number
  • Borrower
  • Location

The Inspection Report Index can be sorted by Loan Number, Inspection Date, Photo Date, Borrower or Location simply by clicking the column header at the top of the list.

The Inspection Report Index's five columns list the following information:
  • Loan Number
    This is the number assigned to this loan. This number will remain constant throughout the life of this inspection process.
  • Last Inspection
    This is the date of the last inspection. To access a Report Detail you click the inspection date on the Report Index.
  • Last Photos
    Date of the last photos posted. To access Report Photos you click the photos date on the Report Index.
  • Borrower
    This is the name of the borrower for this loan.
  • Location
    Address of the inspection

Integrated Inspection Reports Database Report Detail
If inspection data is put into our database system either by inspectors or through scanning of hard copy reports via OCR, then the inspection report will be online in an interactive inspection report format.

On-line Draw Inspection Reports Detail

Scanned Document Inspection Reports Database Report Detail
If the inspection data is of a scanned hard copy inspection report, but not entered into our database of reports, then it will be available for view and printing on line as a PDF document.

Scanned Document Inspection Reports Database Report Detail

Inspection Photos Detail
Online photos are posted for viewing or printing by the client.

Inspection Photos Detail

Special Features

Batch Print Detail
This feature allows you to print hard copy compilations of your inspections.

Batch Print Detail

Monthly Confirmation Letter Detail
The confirmation letter confirms which projects will be inspected as part of the first of the month inspections.

Monthly Confirmation Letter Detail 1
Monthly Confirmation Letter Detail 2
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