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Making sure your properties are being built as specified requires vigilance. All too often builders deviate from the original construction plans-a two car garage instead of a three car garage; an incomplete bonus room or basement; changes to siding, roofing and interior finishes. By the time you find out, your funds have been disbursed. Even worse, the value of the completed building may be appraised at a value lower than what you expected.

NWCC's Spec Chec gives you the kind of oversight capability you've been waiting for. Every month throughout construction, our team of professionals will personally visit each property in your portfolio to check the builder's progress against the original planning documents. If we find any discrepancies we let you know immediately so you can modify the monthly loan draws and discuss the situation with the builder.

There shouldn't be any surprises when it comes to new construction. With Spec Chec, you'll know that the buildings you plan-and pay for-are the buildings you get.

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