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About NWCC

Founded in 1985, by our President, Keith Schlemlein, NorthWest Construction Control, Inc (NWCC) provides lenders with comprehensive construction loan management solutions:

  • Risk management services that protect lenders' property portfolios from the design process through completion.
  • Regular, accurate inspections of residential, commercial and land development construction projects.
  • Complete construction fund management, taking the hassle and expense of loan management off lenders' shoulders.

With NWCC, lenders can focus on making loans instead of worrying about their construction properties.

A NWCC sister company, REO Asset Management NW, helps lenders protect the real-estate-owned properties in their portfolios, with complete inspection, maintenance, winterization and security services. In addition, REO Asset Management NW provides Receivership and Valuation Services and Manages New Construction Projects.

Whether you need NWCC's construction lending services or REO's property management support, our team of experts can help. Over the last quarter century we've provided hundreds of clients with the solutions and information they need to turn their properties into revenue generators. We would be delighted to work with you, too.

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